ASEG was conceptualized in 2010 by SJ, and formally began operations in 2012 as a successor to SJ's independent artist venture. SJ created ASEG to serve as the foundation for his own independent music career and the careers of other artists who firmly fit within SJ's vision of aggregating top-quality acoustic music that is honest, soulful, vocally- and lyrically-driven, and melody-centric. SJ describes this singer-songwriter combination as being somewhere in between the intellectual and rootsy elements of modern folk and americana and the melodic grooves of acoustic rock and light acoustic pop. On the business side, SJ characterizes such artists as being entrepreneurs with the drive to create their own niche--cottage acoustic brands--and who are willing to learn and take charge of their own careers to become commercially sustainable.

As of the end of 2012, ASEG's efforts had propelled SJ's music into the national singer-songwriter scene, helping him receive over 15 independent music awards and nominations, chart in the top 40 of U.S. Mediabase radio charts, receive endorsements from major music companies, and tour nationally including opening for established national acts.

SJ remarks that the road to sustainability in music is often a ten year marathon, and that artists as well as their managers and support team desperately need a proper indie platform and infrastructure to get to the starting line and run the marathon efficiently--an infrastructure that is often elusive even to experienced artists and management teams in today's DIY industry. If the support of the majors is virtually gone for emerging artists, that also means that the legal, accounting, operational, and business/marketing planning aspects of support are also gone and need to be put in place for an artist to succeed. His goal is to do it himself, show the world, and then help other deserving artists with their infrastructure and rights management.