SJ is an acoustic singer-songwriter and performing artist, based in South Florida, U.S.A., releasing music in both the English and Spanish languages.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but growing up between Cleveland and Phoenix, Arizona, SJ remembers playing air guitar to Willie Nelson songs as a little kid, and always "having melodies in his head".  He took the long way to a music career, however.  Although he's played the guitar seriously for nearly 20 years, music and songwriting was always a hobby, falling into third place behind athletics and a career as an international business attorney.  When SJ broke that proverbial "30-something" threshold, he decided to make a drastic change in his life toward things that really mattered to him: to pursue his music passion and connect with as many people around the world as possible through his original music.  In 2011, SJ's first commercial single release made a respectable indie splash, charting Top 10 on U.S. national radio charts, and earning him a nomination by Sirius XM The Coffeehouse satellite radio as a "Discovery of the Year".  Several songs on his light 12-song release that year of his project entitled "Coffee" earned awards or nominations for over 10 international and national songwriting competitions out of the U.S. and U.K.  Launching himself independently in a music industry where "Do-It-Yourself" is the norm, SJ created Acoustic Soul Entertainment Group and its trademarked affiliates to fund, launch and monetize his music career and related music business efforts.  A frequent performer around the United States, SJ is also a featured speaking guest at U.S. universities and colleges where he talks about merging an artistic passion and talent with a business sensibility in today's DIY music industry.

You can read more music-related content from SJ by visiting his blog, The Musician's Hypothetical: